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Welcome to Mallick World
Mallick Tanzeem PDF Print Email
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

"Empowerment Through Education & Freedom through Knowledge"

The concept to have a web site of their own is the brain child of few NRIs of the Mallick community ,the dream which was seen in the year 2005, to have a global net work , contemplating to link each other, having a village wise data base of their genealogy, and to maintain an expanded cohesiveness between rural and the urban community members as well as those living outside the country, to develop a methodology to preserve the identity of the village and its legends, recognize the alive celebrities of the said Mallick Baya family, to amplify an intellect of brotherhood, that will be contributing to maintain our social norms and sterling heritage, for the future generation to cherish about , appears to be true on 9th January 2009, as a result of the tireless efforts of few of its members. Mallik Tanzeem has been formed as a permanent ongoing institution with potential to grow in all areas of social activity. The important, immediate, short term as well as long term aim is to bring about educational empowerment (and it attendant benefits) of the Mallick community, as part of the Muslim community which in turn we consider a part of the humanity. There is no dichotomy in our formulation because we see social life as a continuum.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 12:28
ABOUT US PDF Print Email
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 09 August 2008 07:49
About Us - Objective of the trust
"Assist the less fortunate strata of the society towards better demographic level by empowering them through education."

Mallick Tanzeem formed in 2005 by a group of corporate professionals, NRI and NRB who, decided to finance, handhold and support genuine grassroots' initiatives targeted at providing education and health to underprivileged children and woman within community. In the process, becoming the first ever grant maker and changing the face of lives.

Tanzeem is managed by a Board of Advisors which comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The body is formed for a period of three year and a few independent members with eminence and reputation are nominated each year. Members of this board meet once every quarter. The Board of Advisors advises of Tanzeem, taking inputs from the Executive Committee.


Firm belief in 'empowerment through education and freedom through knowledge' as a sure path in building a better future for the society enabled the trustees to build and nurture an organization committed to its mission and operating in all the districts of Bihar through its centres, staff members and volunteers.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2009 06:57
Volunteers With Tanzeem PDF Print Email
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Mallick Tanzeem.  Learn more about opportunities to help in and around the world — and even online:

The Mallick Tanzeem rely on volunteers to support their work helping under privileged meritorious student, and others who is needy.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 07:15
History PDF Print Email
Written by Web Master   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11

  History of Ibrahim Mallick Baya (Ra)

At the time of Sultan Mohammad Tughlaq (1290 AD-1351 AD), even though the State of Bihar was under the control of Delhi, for all practical purposes, its rulers were autonomous. The Sultan received numerous complaints against the Raja Bithal, the Governor (Subedar) of Bihar, who was not only a tyrant but also a rebel against the Sultan of Delhi. The Sultan sent his general, Syed Ibrahim, to punish Raja Bithal. After a fierce battle, the Raja was killed and his army was defeated. The conquest of Bihar was a remarkable achievement, and on this occasion, the Sultan conferred upon Syed Ibrahim the title of “Madarul Mulk Mallick Saif wa Daulat” (Administrator and King of Sword and Wealth). It is recorded that the Sultan was so jubilant by this victory, that, in his court, he himself came down to receive and greet Syed Ibrahim. After an exchange of greetings, Sultan Mohammad Tughlaq said to Syed Ibrahim in Persian (the official language at the time) “Mallick Biya, Be-nashin” meaning “O King come and sit next to me” and led Syed Ibrahim to his seat. The Sultan bestowed this great honor upon him. Since then, he was called  “Mallick Biya.” The Sultan appointed Syed Ibrahim as the governor of the state of Bihar. He chose to settle with his family and relatives in Biharsharif.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2009 07:06
Mallick means. PDF Print Email
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54


Meaning of Mallicks

Status name from a title meaning ‘lord’, ‘ruler’, ‘chief’, from Arabic malik ‘king’. In the subcontinent, this is often found as a title for the headman of a village. In Islam Al-Malik ‘the King’ is one of the attributes of Allah, regarded as ‘the king of mankind’ (Qur’an 114:2), and this word is used in combination in names such as? Abd-ul Malik ‘servant of the King’. This was the name of an Umayyad khalif (685–705).

Malik, Malick, or Mallick is three possible spellings used for the same name. 

Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2009 07:11
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